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Quelques citations de l’ouvrage Exo-Psychology (La révolution cosmique en français) de Timothy Leary sur le thème des ilôts de réalité (islands of realities).

Chapitre 1

À propos de la capacité à être objectifs :

Since the "island realities" which we inhabit are defined by genetic template and imprint we can only evaluate ourselves in terms of the symbols which our nervous systems have created.

Chapitre 4

À propos de la détermination et de la création des îlots de réalité :

Each imprint determines the positive and negative foci for subsequent conditioning of the newly activated neural circuit. Each imprint defines a level of island reality.

À propos d’une création volontaire de ces îlots :

Recently developed techniques for re-imprinting make possible serial, planful recreation of realities.

Chapitre 7

À propos de l’attachement à ses îlots de réalité :

The first four phases are muscular-material and define tiny survival "island realities" to which the organism is attached.

Chapitre 9

À propos de la vérité (bien/mal) :

Each nervous system creates its own island realities. Truth is defined by the wiring of the individual nervous system genetic, imprinted and conditioned.

À propos de la prépondérance des îlots centrès sur l’individu par rapport aux autre :

The island-realities of the child overlap the island realities of the parents and the local tribal group.

Chapitre 11

À propos du plasir comme conducteur à des ilôts de réalité validées par/pour la survie :

There are eight levels of pleasure. The four larval circuits provide rewarding, reassuring signals that the survival lines to the island-realities are secure.

Dans le cadre de phases de transition :

The delicacy of this process and the permanence of the new imprint "fix" is both awesome and awe-full. A new person is created as each circuit of the nervous system emerges. The new extensions of the reality-island must be hooked up without disturbing the earlier "realities." The new "person" must be integrated.

Chapitre 16

À propos de l’expérience de l’unicité :

In addition to genetic specializations, the environmental models imprinted at the four periods of individual development define island realities which vary from person-to-person and from group-to-group.

À propos de chauvinisme neural :

People unconsciously recognize this selectivity of island realities. Social avoidance and clustering tend to respond to these reality chauvinisms. Anyone who is different is crazy or alien.

À propos de la formation du nouveau système neural :

The infant body is like a space ship floating on the strange new planet. The imprint is a life-line extended in blind robot fashion groping for hospitable surface to which it attaches and roots thus creating the reality island.

À propos de l’impression :

Just as chemicals "fix" the photographic image on film, so is the neural image of the island-reality "fixed" by synaptic chemical bonds at the time of imprinting.

À propos de la sécurité :

Security means that the imprinted life-lines are securely fastened to a stable island-reality.

Chapitre 22

De la préparation [mentale/morale] avant une séance de LSD :

The dismal fact about casual LSD sessions is that the ill-prepared person tends to re-imprint the past conditioned structure; thus charging with new energy the habit-patterns of the old island reality.

Chapitre 26

Un certain pragmatisme ?

In communicating with larvals the following points must, therefore, be remembered: The Larval has no interest in you, you do not exist, unless you can hook into Hir limited reality-island, transmit on Hir narrow mind-band, unless your behavior offers meaning in terms of possible benefit or threat to Hir: - cellular well being - emotional-hierarchical status - artifact manipulation game - socio-sexual security; domestic reassurance. All larval interactions are instrumental to one of the four survival attitudes. Larvals are comfortably adapted to this limited four-channel communication, scan automatically for the survival meaning of each stimulus and scuttle by each other like ants, each intent on Hir own "reality" reacting automatically to relevant cues from others.